When suddenly faced with shifting tides in the world of mobile tech due to the release of iOS 14.6, software firm Vimosoft took quick action. Leveraging Moloco's industry-leading machine learning platform, the software company, which has global reach throughout several countries, including the U.S. and Japan, increased install volume on their top video editing app VLLO. Equipped with intelligent strategic decisions and access to a powerful set of internal resources, both parties successfully delivered a campaign that continues to scale.

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  • With iOS version update 14.6 in late May of 2021, SKAN traffic increased to represent more than 70% of the total iOS traffic.

  • Vimosoft saw that CPI for non-SKAN traffic in VLLO campaign increased significantly after iOS version updates. 

  • Vimosoft needed to address the CPI issue by working with a reliable partner that has expertise on SKAN to determine what was causing the problem (e.g., budget, creatives, iOS updates)



  • Provided an in-depth analysis of VLLO campaign data, illustrating how the proportions of different traffic types (SKAN and non-SKAN) has changed over time before and after the iOS update

  • Discovered that the increased number of installs from SKAN traffic made up for the loss in non-SKAN traffic, hinting iOS users' migration from non-SKAN traffic to SKAN traffic which in turn caused the higher CPI in non-SKAN traffic

  • Despite underestimation caused by the fact that SKAN versions before SKAN 2.2 does not attribute view through (VT), maintained 90% of the install volume even after iOS updates


  • Came to Moloco with precise questions and clearly communicated the options they had in mind (i.e., adding new creative assets)


The results were phenomenal, as Moloco's industry-leading machine learning platform powered  VLLO's incremental growth, several key performance indicators saw leaps in overall achievement. More directly stated, there was a 10x increase in the number of installs to the video editing app, driving new clientele to the constantly blossoming platform. This uptick allowed VLLO to secure over 90% of their pre-SKAN installs in the highly competitive U.S. market, underscoring the overwhelming success and effectiveness of the campaign.



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