The time is always right
to re-engage

User acquisition is important, but it’s not the end of the marketing story. Data suggests that around one-fifth of users abandon apps after only a single use. Re-engagement halts the churn cycle and helps generate more revenue from existing users.

The top benefits of re-engagement include

Less wasted ad spend:

Reduce user acquisition costs and optimize for down-funnel conversions.

Stronger retention:

Showcase new features and stay relevant over time.

More revenue:

Turn unengaged users into spenders with the right message.

Higher engagement:

Activate dormant users and regain those that uninstall.

Mobile retargeting for apps in every category

Our mobile retargeting marketing solutions are ideal for re-engaging users who’ve installed an app, started a game, or abandoned a shopping cart before making a purchase.


Mobile games

Incentivize in app purchases, showcase new features, and keep players playing.


eCommerce apps

Retarget with personalized creative and reduce cart abandonment.


Social media apps

Remind users of all the fun times with updates on features or activity.


Finance apps

Help users stay on track and show them a path to financial stability.


Media apps

Re-engage lapsed users by highlighting new content or features.


On-demand services

Invite users to complete registration or make a purchase post-install.

Dynamic creative
with optimized targeting

When you partner with Moloco, you’ll have access to a proven Machine Learning platform, equipped with sophisticated targeting abilities. On top of that, you’ll have the option to run dynamic creative, and A/B test to find the optimal visuals and messaging.

Bring back those lapsed users

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