Moloco doesn’t just help you meet demand. Our platform creates demand in real time based on shopper behavior. 

Improve your marketplace’s stickiness by engaging your shoppers with smart, timely product recommendations that maximize your merchants' ad performance. All powered by machine learning.


Moloco Retail Media Platform

An end-to-end ad serving platform that enables you to drive purchases, gain new revenue, and boost customer loyalty.

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Drive merchant performance

Increase purchases with contextually targeted ads based on shopper behavior.

Increase shopper lifetime value

Help shoppers discover and buy new items, when and where it matters most.

Scale automatically

Deliver intelligent recommendations without data and engineering costs.

Scale Your Revenue with Sponsored Ads

Combine your first-party data with Moloco's predictive technology to:


Help shoppers discover products they want — instantly


Increase purchase rates with contextual targeting


Gain a highly scalable new revenue stream


Engage Shoppers Across Their Journey

Search results page

Get immediate value, without having to build a machine learning engine.

Product detail page

Maximize merchant ROI and shorten the shopper's journey to their next purchase.

Home page

Grow through self-service and automation, reducing operational costs.

Moloco Retail Media Platform search ad
Moloco Retail Media Platform product ad
Moloco Retail Media Platform home page ad

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“With Moloco Retail Media Platform, we enabled our vendors to achieve a 9x growth in ROAS. The platform brings powerful performance based on machine learning and a scalable ad tech infrastructure, which enabled us to build a sustainable media business.”


— Woohyun Park, VP of Ad Business


A Win-Win for You, Your Merchants, and

Your Shoppers


Earn ad revenue and grow sales with smart product recommendations.


Your merchants

Increase product discoverability through highly targeted native ads.

Your shoppers

Find the best products quickly and easily through a personalized experience.

Grow Your Retail Business

Fast ROI

Deploy within 2 months. Moloco enables you to set up your ad business quickly — without having to hire a team, change infrastructure, or build expertise.

Strong Performance

Help your merchants reach the right customers. Leverage advanced purchase prediction models built on our industry-leading machine learning engine.

Operational Efficiency

Grow your ad business at minimal operational cost. Moloco enables self-service for your merchants and self-improves with your data.

Optimize Your Merchants' Return on Ad Spend

With Moloco, your merchants can access powerful campaign tools:

  • Set up campaigns in minutes

  • Start, pause, and adjust campaigns at any time

  • Leverage various ad formats like sponsored product, sponsored brand, and display

  • Automatically optimize return on ad spend using built-in machine learning

  • Gain insights into performance with transparent reporting

Elevate Your Partnerships

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Equip your merchants with audience insights.


With Moloco, you not only offer merchants a new channel, but also enhance their advertising strategy — by offering customer segments based on your first-party data.

Extend Shopper Lifetime Value


Sponsored ads are integrated natively into your site's UI.


Help shoppers easily discover new, relevant products.


Reach shoppers in the right place, at the right time.


Prevent irrelevant ads that can
turn off shoppers.


Resurface recommendations
for future purchase.

Success With Programmatic Advertising




Higher return on ad spend than market average

Customer engagement vs. dominant ad media

Quarterly growth in ad revenues

Start Monetizing

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