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Today’s customer demands personalized experiences. Real personalization takes powerful machine learning. Moloco Engine is an advertising and monetization infrastructure suite that lets developers leverage the power of Moloco’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to enhance their own advertising features. Moloco Engine’s models and algorithms are ideal for:


Ad Serving Optimization

Sponsored Ads

Programmatic Bidding

Supercharge your ad serving

Our machine learning algorithms self optimize to match your users with the campaigns they’re most likely to engage with, improving ad efficacy and delivering more value to your advertising customers at scale. Put Moloco Engine to work in your ad serving and watch your share of budgets rise.

Relevant sponsored ads at key moments

Use our machine learning models to optimize product and content discovery, elevating the user experience overall with sponsored ads. Ensure that every customer encounters relevant suggestions at key moments in their lifecycle to ensure they stay retained longer and spend more.

Bring your own algorithms

Got your own machine learning models to try out? Moloco Engine includes a full programmatic bidding interface that can be customized to leverage any performance model in campaigns across every exchange we work with.

Ideal for app marketers
of every category

Hypercasual to hardcore games, on-demand services, media, or eCommerce: Whatever your audience, we’ll help you grow a quality userbase at scale. Our battle-tested performance engine is constantly learning. It adapts to changes in the app landscape and pinpoints new opportunities. At the start of every partnership, we create custom models based on first-party data from your best users. This wealth of data creates more sophisticated predictions, allowing us to target quality users at a sustainable cost.

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