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Moloco Cloud DSP is a cloud-based programmatic advertising platform. Powered by proprietary Machine Learning technology, it empowers digital marketers to leverage first-party and contextual data across the programmatic ecosystem to achieve their growth goals.



No matter the metric, Moloco Cloud DSP delivers

Moloco Cloud DSP campaigns can be optimized for the most pivotal performance metrics. Just choose a goal and let our growth engines go to work. Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms pinpoint the audiences most likely to drive returns for your business, then adjusts bidding strategies in real time.

Target Any Metric



In App Events

In-App Events


App Installs



Automated Campaign Optimization

Powered by first-party & contextual data, our self-optimizing campaigns quickly identify the audiences most likely to drive returns for your business, then acquire them at a profit.

Intuitive Campaign Management

Our cloud-based platform has been streamlined to provide total control over your programmatic advertising operations with 100% transparency. Test new strategies on your own schedule and get results in real-time.

Superior Service That Drives Client Success

Our products are built from the outside-in, ensuring exceptional customer service and support. Our team of success managers and data scientists bring deep vertical expertise to help you achieve your business outcomes.

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) Targeting

Maximize returns with the most sophisticated contextual targeting engine available. Exclusively target Limit Ad Tracking traffic at the campaign level on both iOS and Android.

A battle-tested cloud platform, ideal for any category

Whatever your audience, we’ll help you grow a quality user base at scale. Our platform reaches 4B or 90% of all mobile devices globally across all major RTB exchanges. Moloco’s proprietary performance algorithms are constantly trained on upwards of 7.5B impressions across 2.6 MM apps every month.


“Through Moloco Cloud DSP, we can access each impression’s granular log data, allowing us to understand every step of the funnel from impression to conversion. Moloco is the only partner that provides us with the kind of precise feedback we need for sophisticated analysis. It speaks to their confidence in providing clean traffic, and it’s a huge part of why we trust them implicitly.”

    - Tae Heon Kim, Head of UA at Netmarble


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