• Moloco donates $100,000 for humanitarian relief
  • Individual employee donations are matched by Moloco
  • Immigration legal resources made available

In view of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Moloco announced a donation of $100,000 (USD) to three organizations dedicated to providing food, water, shelter, and medical attention to those in need in Ukraine. The aid organizations, suggested by Moloco employees, are: Ministry of Health, Save the Children, and the International Committee Red Cross.

Moloco employees have also expressed a desire to make personal donations to these organizations, and Moloco will also double all staff donations by providing matching funds. Moloco currently has 300 full-time employees in offices located in the US, UK, South Korea, Singapore, China, and Japan.  

Additionally, Moloco is providing immigration resources and legal aid to employees’ families seeking safety in other countries.

Ukraine has a longstanding presence in the game developer and app production communities, and the current situation strikes close to home for many of Moloco’s customers and partners, as well as our team. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and denounce violence against its people. 

“Our hearts go out to the civilians who are suffering and in need of resources,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO and co-founder of Moloco. “We proudly join the tech community and others in lending our support.”

Moloco has a history of providing support to those in need through Moloco Love, the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, launched in 2020. Moloco Love, originating from our employees’ passion to help others, has three main components: charitable giving, employee awareness and education, and volunteerism.

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