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Maximize sales with
self-optimizing programmatic
ad campaigns

Our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms use real-time campaign feedback from the mobile programmatic ecosystem to zero in on the e-commerce customers most valuable to your business. Achieve your target cost of customer acquisition and see positive returns.


Acquire New Customers At Scale


Maximize Average Order Value

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Increase LTV With Repeat Purchases

Cut down on cart abandonment with dynamic creative

Upload your entire product image catalog and deliver targeted dynamic creatives that surface the items you know your customers love.

Drive repeat purchases with retargeting campaigns

With access to over 90% of all mobile devices globally, you can use historical shopping data to reach your most valuable customers anywhere in the world and influence them to buy again.

Boost in-store sales with
geo-targeted advertising

Hyper-local ad campaigns enable you to reach customers within a given neighborhood, zip code or city. Drive incremental awareness and ensure your business is top-of-mind when it matters most.

Connect with last minute shoppers

Cash in on seasonal spending opportunities with last-minute campaigns that reach your target audiences at massive scale.


With access to real-time data, you'll be able to segment your audiences, deliver targeted campaigns, and make changes on the fly to maximize holiday Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Enjoy fully transparent E-Commerce marketing software

No black boxes here. Moloco Cloud DSP provides you with full-funnel advertising transparency, down to the impression level.


Prioritize the apps, categories, publishers, and exchanges that drive the largest orders and the most loyal customers.


Measure campaign performance to learn which product categories benefit most from advertising and retargeting campaigns.


Strategize new campaigns using granular feedback to keep costs down and achieve net-positive growth.

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Moloco has been absolutely essential to the success of our mobile e-commerce business. Their tech was able to reach our target CPI in less than 3 days and delivered a 4,000% return on ad spend using dynamic creative campaigns. They even managed to maintain performance while getting CPIs down 30% below our target. I highly recommend working with them”

- Woohyun Park, Head of Marketing Business Subdivision, GS Shop

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